Happy 2015!

As we enter the new year, I’m happy to be able to reaffirm that I love working with good people who do great work and want to — and do — good things.

But one of my particular interests and missions is working with good people over the age of 40 as a public relations consultant who are re-imagining, re-engineering and re-creating themselves for the newest chapter in their lives.

Many in this group are embarking on new careers and bringing with them decades of valuable experience, hard-won insight and incredible wisdom. Many are creators, re-invigorators and truly leaders of thought in their respective fields.

A fair number in the Over 40 age group — my age group —  were seriously assaulted by the Great Recession. Many of us lost our jobs, our standard of living, our long-cherished hopes and many of what we thought were attainable dreams. Others of us kept our jobs, but, after many years, the old way, the same job, the routine route along the terrain of life doesn’t work anymore. It’s time for a lot of new — new work, new approach, new life.

We need to stick together. And we need to support one another. And we should be sharing what we know — becoming thought leaders — as we embark on our new lives and start our new chapters.

I am privileged that I can do this with and for my fellow Over 40s and Over 50s at this time.