Marketing or Public Relations? Public Relations or Marketing?

Aren’t these the same thing?

Just different words for the same function?

Well, no.

When I talk with clients, I often describe them like this: “Marketing sells, PR tells.”

And then I share the sizzling details about the differences, the confusing similarities, and why you need to do both.

And they are sizzling. Because you can get burned by thinking they do the same thing.

But there are no tricks to it. It is almost – almost – like following a recipe.

(Can you tell I’m about ready to do some baking later today?)

My belief is that an organization — for or non-profit — needs to think of PR the moment that the great idea “gels” and someone is ordering business cards.

Your relations with stakeholders — your “publics” — of all kinds — vendors, suppliers, neighbors, customers, government regulators, city councils, county staffs — are crucial.

Treat them well, cultivate them carefully and also apply all of the effective marketing tactics you can. It’s never an “either/or.” It really is both.