Customer service counts and it lives in the San Francisco Bay Area

When you have to move your household — as we did in January and through most of February — don’t you feel some unease and fear? Or, maybe, a lot?

The story about moving, which is very old and embroidered with assumptions, is that you will get ripped off by everyone who is involved in this “industry.”  The story is that you will have a horrible time and you will lose money and you’ll probably wind up losing pieces of furniture, if not your mind and a lot of your heart and your entire soul.

So, when we were informed just after New Year’s Day that we had to move — our landlord of four-and-a-half years was selling the unit — I was immediately depressed and felt crushed under mountains of negative information I had absorbed and assumed about moving.

But, I am happy to say that we — my husband and I —  were wrong.

We found good companies – movers, cleaners and a “green” moving-box rental company — here in the San Francisco Bay Area, all run by people who are intentionally and happily embracing the concept of good customer service.

What put them on our “good customer service” list?

  • They were easy to find. These companies had websites and they were clear, informative and could be found quickly and easily. We could send them a message or call them by phone. Or both.  Having both does count.

  • They were listed on ratings service pages. We took those ratings with a grain of salt, but the information provided, the numbers of reviews up on a site, and what recent customers said were used and important in our decision process.

  • They responded to inquiries quickly. No “one day later,” but within hours. By phone. Sometimes we heard back right away by phone and via email.

  • They were clear about the services they would provide and the price.

  • They kept us informed – about the estimate and when the product (boxes) would be delivered, about the arrival of the crew, about how the payment system worked. If they were going to be late (in one case), they let us know right away and told us when they would arrive.

  • They answered our questions. And they asked us questions, too! No assumptions. Good listening.

  • They arrived and did the work – cleaned the house, loaded the boxes, delivered the boxes. And they did that work well, in our eyes and estimation.

  • They did the work within the time limits they’d promised.

  • They were all – office staff, work crews and site managers — courteous, informative and helpful. They also asked questions and were working *with us* on getting it all done.

  • They thanked us for the opportunity to provide an estimate, get the business, do the work.

  • They sent a survey afterward to collect information and data about the experience.

These companies and others that provide good customer service all have this in common:  They pay attention and show up.  They are with you throughout the process. They check back to ask for feedback.

All of them were, quite simply, a pleasure to work with.

And they were all, I thought, customer service inspirations.

They provided a lot of good lessons and ideas – simple, easy, inexpensive — that I know I can and will make sure that I apply to my business. Hope you will, too.

BTW, the companies that gave us great service are these:

  • Moving Service: Two Men and a Truck, at – Professional office staff and consultant who prepared our estimate, and a careful moving crew of 3 who didn’t waste time.

  • Cleaning Service: Molly Maid of East Bay Hills, at (510) 228-4339 – An industrious team of three who listened and then put their magic skills and elbow grease to work.

  • “Green” moving box rental company: Zippgo, at – A new concept that saves you from having to buy boxes. They deliver your “package” of plastic  recyclable bins and come to your move-in destination a week later to pick them up.

I, in turn, sent them all thank you notes and went to the appropriate ratings sites to share my experience. I was and am happy to give them all very high recommendations.