One of the best gifts I received last year was an introduction to the organization Management Innovation Exchange (MIX).

I was looking — without much success — for new ideas in business management as I started working with several for-profit clients who were seeking and needing a lot of inspiration.

And then, as summer moved into fall,  I was fortunate to meet Vlatka Hlupic, a professor of management in the UK and the author of the book “The Management Shift: How to Harness the Power of People and Transform Your Organization for Sustainable Success” (Palgrave Macmillan).

As we started work to promote her book and find appropriate US venues for her to speak about her work, she enthusiastically shared MIX with me.

Mike Grove, her colleague and friend at the Bay Area management software firm CollabWorks, shared more — with great enthusiasm — about MIX as we met to discuss his collaboration with Vlatka to promote her book.

The synchronicity continued. In October, MIX co-founder Polly LaBarre, who also is a founder of Fast Company spoke at the Public Relations Society of America International Conference in Washington, DC. It was a thrill to hear her discuss how we can better lead, succeed, innovate and try new things.

As Polly said, we’re all inventors, producers and artists. Intrinsic rewards matter most. Power comes from sharing and not hoarding. And, perhaps most of all, creativity is a team sport.

MIX can be found at