If you find yourself being asked to “say a few words” on the fly, don’t go silent.

And don’t run!

Stephanie Scotti, a communications strategist and coach who has specialized for 25 years in high-stakes presentations, offers some excellent advice in this piece from Smartbrief.com.

In short, stand still, take a breath and ask yourself:

  • What point must I convey?
  • How can I support it?
  • How do I need to say it?

There is so much more to this post that will be of good use for you today!

So please click on it, and settle in to spend some time reading it and enjoying everything she offers:

Spontaneous speaking: The 5-second strategy to improve delivery
As a business professional, do you frequently face situations where you need to “say a few words” without time to prepare? It might be a meeting, conference call or request to fill in for another speaker, to name just a few scenarios.