Social media is essential to communications and business. Right? And you know you need to use every channel and platform in the so-called “tool kit” to meet and converse with your stakeholders. That’s a given. Or is it? Not so fast! You may be making assumptions you’ll regret later. And if you step back now and take a clear look before you begin, you’ll do more, reach more and make more revenue and profits.

Here’s the first tip: Conduct an audit to determine which tools your target markets use. The next step is to assess which channels your competitors use and take a very long and hard look at what they’re doing and how that’s working for them.

You may well find that you do not – and should not – use every platform. They all won’t work for you and your efforts. Also social media done well does take time and consistency. When all is said and done, remember, too that the foundation of our communications online, email, often is the A-1 tool and platform to reach the people you want to reach and it will yield the most conversions possible.