The backlash from Donald Trump’s appalling speech to the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Jamboree on Monday, July 24, will no doubt go on for a while because what happened there was simply scorching.

Twitter, Facebook, news site comment boards, radio shows were all on fire on Tuesday morning as millions commented on what they viewed as Trump’s appalling and inappropriate performance before 30,000 youngsters and teens.

The Boy Scouts of America itself was drowning in phone calls and emails on Tuesday.

This is a huge. The BSA knows it.

But there is hope, hope in opportunity. And it relates to essential public relations – an organization’s relations with its publics – and how an organization can handle and nurture those relations in the face of crisis.

The Boy Scouts have an opportunity to remind themselves, their members and the public about what this organization truly represents and embodies.

My recommendation: Hold an emergency short-course in the Scout Law and Values for all Jamboree attendees and every Scout who is at camp anywhere in the United States.

Parents should be informed and the media – social and traditional – should be contacted and *invited to attend*.

Leadership should tell the world, “We want to review our laws and reinforce the values. It is time to do this and we would be remiss if we did not.” End of statement.

The Boy Scouts can SHOW the public exactly who they are and how they will NOT let their values, mission and the good will they have amassed over decades to simply evaporate.

If the Scouts pull away from this overt social ugliness to DO something positive – focus on their Scout laws, their values and standards for decency, honor and good behavior – they can help set the organization upright and keep it there.

This ball is in their court.