You may be a CEO for a Fortune 100 international firm, you may be the owner of a small mom-and-pop ‘bricks and mortar’ business on Main Street .
But as Bob Dylan said and sang long ago, “You gotta serve somebody.”
And that somebody? It always – always, always, always – be your customer.
First, foremost, forever.

So how do you serve your customers? And treat them?
Do they get the time, effort and attention they deserve?
Afterall, they are what keeps your enterprise alive.
Don’t feel bad (too bad) if they’re not at the top of the list at this moment.
We all have bad days and weeks. But are you working to put them back in the best seat?
I think this information will make you feel better AND give you the inspiration to find new ways to seek out, work with, work for and satisfy your customers:

Author Peter Shankman believes that customer service will be THE point on which many, if not most, businesses will live and die in the years ahead.
Have you heard the story he tells about Morton’s Steakhouse? And how they responded to him at the airport with what he felt and saw and tasted, yes, tasted, was the very best customer service imaginable? Check it out here:

That great customer service he experienced was possible because customer service was the proverbial Job One for the Morton team. They went well above and beyond to satisfy. They allowed their team members to just jump in and do well, do right for a customer. And you can, too.

Peter sums it up well:
“Stay on top of what people are saying about you.
“Respond accordingly.
“Perhaps most importantly, have a chain of command in place that actually lets you do these things in real time.”
And by “these things,” Peter means, of course, offering outstanding customer service and going the distance to do your best and, often, exceptional things for your customers.
Make it possible for someone at the counter, a manager in the office, one of your colleagues in the satellite office to do it in “real time” — without waiting and waiting for an OK. Clear the blocks and go the distance to build loyalty, attract new customers and clients and do it just because. Because it’s a part of your business and it’s how the winners in business do it.